Prep Ahead Dark Chocolate Cherry Prune Smoothie Cubes

We’re kicking off a new year, and this month I’ll be focusing on easy ways to help you implement nutrition packed choices into your day to day. A lot of you are probably just easing back into work after the holidays, and might not quite be back into the swing of your regular routine, so I want to share these prep ahead smoothie dark chocolate cherry prune smoothie cubes with you! Ready on the go, you can enjoy a few extra minutes of sleep as you ease back into the week.

We know that breakfast is super important to get your day going with some quality fuel. Prunes are a great option to naturally sweeten without spiking blood sugars. I also find that after the holidays my digestion is just a little bit off (I think I also have this growing little babe inside me to thank for that) and that extra boost of fiber is super helpful to get things moving smoothly again. With emerging research showing that just five prunes per day can help slow bone loss, you can make this smoothie with or without the dairy and still count it as a bone healthy option!

Smoothies have been a staple for me during this pregnancy. Even when my appetite has been off, I know I can get a good dose of the nutrients I need, all in one cup. Even though smoothies are pretty easy as is, getting out the ingredient and chopping, adding and blending can still be a barrier on those busy days, so adding a batch to your weekly meal prep can be a life saver!

With these little nutrient packed nuggets, all you have to do is pop them in a cup, water bottle or drinking vessel of choice, let them thaw for at least an hour — or thaw the night before — and voila! Fast food that will have your bod thanking you.

Prep Ahead Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie Cubes

Serves 1

Note: Make Multiple Batches to freeze and last throughout the week!


¾ cup dark cherries, frozenFive prunes½ cup unsweetened vanilla almond or cashew milk (right now I’m loving creamy cashew)½ cup 0-2 per cent plain Greek yogurtTwo tsp cacaoPinch of coarse salt


Blend until smooth, 30-60 seconds.Pour into ice cube trays (approximately one ice cube tray per smoothie).Freeze overnight. Remove from trays

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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