Dear Me

What I wish I had known ten years ago. A letter from me now, to me then.

Dear Me,

I know right now you feel hopeless and lost, and the mere act of getting up and facing the world seems too much, but I want to tell you, you are going to be OK.

Right now even the concept of being happy again feels impossible, and as you so often say, you almost don’t want to feel joy, as you feel that minimises your babies’ lives. BUT let me tell you one day soon you will feel happier than you have ever felt in your whole life, and this will in no way make the world think your babies’ lives didn’t matter, it will do the exact opposite. By you being happy and celebrating joy, it will show everyone how important your precious children’s lives were because they gave you the gift of embracing the now, of never taking anything for granted, and they made you a mother.

So what advice can I offer you? I want to tell you everything, but I know some things you will need to discover on the journey… so for now just know this…

1. The brokenness you feel right now is opening up such a deep ravine within you and one day that hole will be filled with joy. You may never be grateful for walking this path but I assure you, you will be grateful for the happiness and lessons loss taught you So don’t be scared of this pain and don’t try to run from it.

2. People won’t always say the right things forgive them and educate them in the hope that they say better things next time.

3. Don’t be scared to share your story Yes, I know you feel exposed talking about your experiences but it will help so many people if you feel brave enough to be open and I promise you, you won’t regret it. Hold nothing back as being transparent will be the catalyst for helping others.

4. Try not to let fear rob you of life. After you have experienced so much pain and loss, it is easy to become a worrier and to hold back from embracing life and experiences, ‘just in case’ the bottom falls from your world again; but by holding back you are robbing yourself. Live in hope and faith that things will be OK, as this

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