Winter Storm Grayson Is Here and So Are All the Perfect Game of Thrones Memes

Winter Storm Grayson has officially arrived and the Internet is delivering the perfect Game of Thrones memes to accompany it.

After the blizzard — which is the result of a weather event known as a “bomb cyclone” — began battering the East Coast on Wednesday, Thrones fans preparing to brave the snow took to social media to share their seven kingdoms–inspired thoughts on the winter blast.

Some lamented the fact that it appeared as though the Westerosi weather had somehow made its way to America. “Maybe I just need coffee, but I swear I just saw this guy down the street,” Twitter user Jean Dunn captioned a gif of one of the Night King’s White Walker lieutenants charging through the snow.

Others took the opportunity to joke about how far away the 2019 debut of the final season of Thrones still is. “#WinterIsHere — but unfortunately #GameOfThrones is still a year away,” user StikeDC captioned a photo of today’s cover of The Express, which features a White Walker.

Maybe I just need coffee, but I swear I just saw this guy down the street.#BOMBCYLONE #snowpocalypse2018

— Jean Dunn 🐈 (@jeandunn52) January 4, 2018

#WinterIsHere — but unfortunately #GameOfThrones is still a year away. @WaPoExpress 🌬🌨❄️💨

— StikeDC (@StikeDC) January 4, 2018

See some of the memes below.

Waking up to a blizzard you were hoping wasn’t going to come #WinterIsHere

— kspadaro⚓ (@kspud31) January 4, 2018

On a lighter note (🤔more “out of our control, so let’s laugh until we cry” note 🙁) #BOMBCYLONE #prayfortheeastcoast

— My Name is Jo 👽 (@DeadlySnugglez) January 4, 2018

And I’m ready to take on the day. After coffee, of course.

— Karma Lei Angelo (@KarmaLeiAngelo) January 4, 2018

Waking up this morning…. #WinterIsHere #PolarVortex

— Nick Smrdel (@nicksmrdel) January 4, 2018

Source:: Time – Entertainment

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