Whitney Houston’s Nephew Blames His Stepmom For Family Tragedies

Jonathan Houston Family Open Letter

Whitney Houston’s nephew has penned a no-holds-barred open letter to the Houston clan, alleging “obsession, jealousy and greed” on the part of his stepmom, Pat Houston.

As RadarOnline.com reported, Whitney and her daughter, Bobbi Kristina Brown, tragically both died in mysterious circumstances.

Pat, who Jonathan slammed as a “selfish, cold hearted woman,” acted as Bobbi Kristina’s co-guardian after the then-21-year-old’s boyfriend Nick Gordon found her facedown in a bathtub filled with water in January 2015. She never woke up from the coma she was in and died that summer.

In a disturbing parallel, Whitney passed away at the age of 48 in a Beverly Hills hotel bathtub three years before.

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After Brown’s death, the singer’s massive fortune passed on to her mom Cissy and two brothers, Gary and Michael. However, at Cissy’s request, Pat — Gary’s wife and Jonathan’s stepmom — became executor of the estate.

“Pat Houston has single-handedly convinced me that she is a Sociopathic Master-Superfan Manipulator who was willing to demolish anyone in her path to gain control of the proverbial throne and fortune of my Aunt Whitney E. Houston, thus my cousin, Bobbi Kristina Brown,” blasted Jonathan Houston in an explosive Facebook rant on Dec. 30. “She should be investigated.”

Jonathan’s rage toward Pat first flared after he claimed to have recently overheard her talking in a “negative tone” about her late superstar sister-in-law and niece.

“[Pat’s] character has always been flawed based on my observation,” wrote Jonathan. “I’m not too sure Bobbi Kristina or her Mother would appreciate this woman leading their posthumous legacy,” which, he claimed, provided Pat with the “fortune and name she continues to enjoy” and “profit off of.”

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According to Jonathan, his stepmom Pat tried to stir up drama behind the scenes when her famous sister-in-law was still alive.

“While enrolled at Morehouse College in 2009, Pat informed me that my Aunt Whitney Houston was essentially jealous of my sister and I because we were enrolled in college and Bobbi Kristina was not,” wrote Jonathan in his Facebook post.

“Absurd. She continued to note how ‘Whitney is lazy and thinks the world owes her something,’ with disgust.”

Jonathan, however, said he has nothing but fond memories of the aunt he called

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