Teresa Confronts Kim D After Co-Star Spreads Cheating Rumors Of Her & Husband Joe

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This Wednesday’s episode of Real Housewives Of New Jersey, Kim D invited the ladies to her annual Posche fashion show. This year, she held the event in honor of her friends Tones and Aaron: the two fathers who were shot in the head back in March.

The Fight

Teresa Giudice saw the ritzy shows as the perfect place to confront Kim D for the infidelity comments she made about her and her husband Joe Giudice two years ago!

“Kim said Teresa is rekindling an old flame with one of her exes. Now she finally sees I was right about Kim,” Melissa said. “Once again she’s up to her old tricks.”

Melissa Gorga feared that this could get Teresa back into trouble.

“Teresa is in a situation right now where she really shouldn’t be going to these types of places or where there could be any type of danger of any sort,” Melissa expressed. “Because Teresa can’t get into any trouble right now; if she does, she goes away again.”

Needless to say, Teresa was keen on talking to Kim D – And things did not turn out well.

Teresa, along with Melissa, Siggy Flicker and Delores Catania showed up at the Waterside Restaurant in Bergen, New Jersey where Kim D was huddled with Danielle Staub and other friends.

Kim D welcomed them, but Teresa got right to it and told Kim she was there to talk.

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“Are we all going to talk at the same time, or are we going to talk one on one?” Kim asked, signaling to the women surrounding Teresa.

“Are they scaring you, these three ladies?” Teresa replied, to which Kim replied “No, I’m not afraid at all.”

Teresa told Kim she heard from Delores all the rumors that she had been spreading about her.

“Listen, nobody is going to talk about my husband or me!” Teresa exclaimed.

Kim D replied with “too f**king bad” admitting to spreading those rumors, which then set off a firestorm.

“Did you see him f**king another girl?!” Teresa asked. Kim said she didn’t, but what would follow were insults hurled at one another. Kim D attacks Teresa for going out to nightclubs every night while she has a family at home.

“I have girls — models here that

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