‘SOS’ turns the battle royale genre into a reality show

With the runaway success of “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” the battle royale genre is seen as the next big thing.

Other studios have thrown their hat in the ring and found success. Now, newcomer, Outpost Games, is entering the fray, but they have a different take on the category.

Instead of copying the concepts of “PlayerUnknown’s Battleground,” the fledgling studio is coming at the battle royale from an entertainment angle.

“We didn’t want to feel like we are chasing a trend. We wanted to do something that was universal and timeless,” said Wright Bagwell, CEO of Outpost Games. A veteran who worked on Electronic Arts’ “James Bond” and “Dead Space” games, he said, “We have to stop thinking about gamers as consumers and think about them as performers.”

That led them to the creation of “SOS” and the Hero platform. “SOS” takes the battle royale genre and turns it into a reality show. It pits 16 contestants against each other and places them on an island full of ancient ruins and monsters. The goal for each player is to escape within the 30-minute time limit and the only way to do that is to get one of the first three relics in order to win a seat on the chopper that will ferry them to safety.

What happens between can be chaotic, constructive, funny and thrilling. It all depends on the personalities of the online competitors. That’s what separates “SOS” from other games in the genre. Before players are even put on the island, they are introduced reality show-style to the audience and rivals watching the stream. They give a brief 5-second blurb about themselves to show their personality and the game highlights history between players if they’ve encountered each other before.

The game will highlight if one player betrayed another or other past deeds to add context to the game. It’s a nice touch that pushes the reality show vibe.

From there, it’s basic survival. Players venture into the dangerous island of La Cuna and they’ll have to gather resources. They can find crudely made knives in canisters. They can break through vines to get to a first-aid kit hanging on the wall. They’ll find lockpicks that can open secured crates. Players may even find headlamps so they can venture into dark caves.

Eventually, they’ll run into other players and this is where they’ll have to make a decision. They can be like some reality

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