Marc Summers of Double Dare couldn’t get employed after revealing he had OCD

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People Magazine has a new profile of Marc Summers, who was a staple of my youth as the host of Nickelodeon’s slime-filled kids’ game show, Double Dare. I read the article with my mouth open and actually said “oh wow” out loud because Summers’s life has been so harrowing. He suffered from extreme OCD and, upon revealing it publicly in the late 90s, was considered unemployable and couldn’t find a job. He eventually got hired as the host of Unwrapped in 2001 on the The Food Network. (I love that show and watch it with my kid, they show how various candies and treats are made.) In 2009 he was misdiagnosed, for months, with a fatal form of leukemia and spent that time believing his death was imminent, however he eventually got a correct diagnosis and beat the more treatable leukemia he did have. Then Summer got in a terrible car accident in 2012, breaking all the bones in his face and severely affecting his memory. It took him about a year to recover from that. Summers has a new documentary coming out about a one man autobiographical stage show he’s been performing. The documentary is called On Your Marc and you can see the trailer here. Here’s what he told People:

Summers, now 66, was suffering from crippling Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, a condition he hadn’t even heard of until he was diagnosed live on his own Lifetime talk show in 1995.

Going public put his career on hold — until the Food Network took a chance on him in 2001, tapping him to host its longest running program to date, Unwrapped.

“Most people weren’t aware what OCD was back in the late ‘90s,” he tells PEOPLE. “I was supposed to be hosting Hollywood Squares and then lost the job because people didn’t understand what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder was, and they were spreading rumors that I was difficult to work with and uncooperative, none of which was true. But people were not given the tools to learn what it was.”

He made it his mission to raise awareness and points to Howie Mandel, the Deal or No Deal host who’s open about his own OCD and germaphobia today: “I think in many ways, I was a pioneer.”

Still, Summers says compulsions — he’d clean his home

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