Angelina Jolie was a magnificent Debbie Downer at THR’s women’s breakfast

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Here are some photos of Angelina Jolie at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women In Entertainment Breakfast. You’ve gotta get up really early in the morning to honor women, apparently! It’s not even a brunch, it’s a breakfast! So… I kind of think Angelina is slightly overdressed for a breakfast event, but that’s my own bias speaking – the idea of doing full hair and makeup and putting on a sparkly black dress early in the morning seems awful to me. Angelina did it though, and she did it because she’s campaigning for Best Foreign Film. Jolie was the keynote speaker at this event and she was an amazing Debbie Downer. I love her so much. She was basically like “yeah women have it hard in Hollywood but women literally have it harder everywhere else.” Here’s her speech:

Part of her speech:

“We have a level of freedom that is unimaginable for millions of other women around the world — women who live with conflict and terrorism and displacement and poverty, who never get a chance, whose voices are always silenced. We don’t have to keep our heads down, we don’t have to think that the film we make or our comment on politics, or a joke we tell on stage could land us in prison where we might be tortured or punished. We don’t have the censorship. We don’t have to worry that acting in a play or singing on television will bring violence or dishonor to our families. We don’t have to tailor our clothes or our opinions to when it’s acceptable to religious authorities or violent extremist groups. We are not shunned and considered immoral because we dare to speak our mind about why we consider to be wrong as a society. We have the right to think thoroughly and to speak freely and to put forward our ideas on equal terms. There are women across the world who face serious danger and get hurt just trying to have a voice and an opinion.”

“It is hard to celebrate our progress while that is still the case, but it means that asserting ourselves as female artists represents something important in today’s world. Participating in art and culture is not a luxury for a privileged few in society. It is in fact a human right, laid down

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