5 Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy And Babies You Can Safely Ignore

Something about pregnancy and babies seems to invite input from everyone around you, including strangers. Almost every new parent has a story about a random person on the street coming up to them and rubbing their belly, cooing at the baby and, of course, giving advice. Usually that advice is about making sure baby is warm enough, maybe suggestions about sleep, or about what and how your baby eats.

Then there are the pieces of advice that seem so unusual that you have to take a moment to wrap your head around what you were just told.

Much of the time, these awkward pieces of advice are based on old wives tales that have been passed down for generations. Many of them are based on traditions and beliefs that go back hundreds of years. While a lot of them can seem silly to modern parents, they may still be important to your family members, community or culture.

Ranging from predicting baby’s sex to what to eat and sleep, these pieces of advice can range from sweet to just plain strange.

1. It’s a

Before ultrasound, the only way to know the sex of the baby was to wait until they were born. But that didn’t stop people from guessing! Some of the most common old wives tales are about knowing if you are having a boy or a girl, but many of them are contradictory. Some will tell, you that if you are “carrying high” it’s a girl, or low it’s a boy. Others will say that baby girls result in more morning sickness (a claim I’m sure many moms-of-boys will dispute!) and cause acne for mom. The truth is that all these predictions are right — about 50 per cent of the time. No matter what Great Aunt Mabel thinks, there is no way to know the sex of the baby based on your body.

2. How much control do you really have?

“Don’t lift your arms above your head or the umbilical cord will get wrapped around their neck!” Most assuredly advice from a time when pregnancy and birth were largely unexplained and misunderstood, this particular gem is more likely to elicit a chuckle than anything else. Your movement during pregnancy won’t affect the umbilical cord.

3. Cat “magic” and babies don’t mix

Another often repeated myth is that cats must be kept away from the baby because the smell of

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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