2017 musical box sets for serious music fans

Face it. Buying music for serious fans can be a complete drag. It can really be a case of not knowing what to get for the person who seems to have heard everything already.

There is also always the risk that you get the lecture on the importance of so-and-so in terms of such-and-such obscure scene at some time in history for your efforts and wind up pinching yourself to stay awake.

Yet there is some satisfaction to be had in presenting someone with encyclopedic recall of the finest use of a Bigsby vibrato on a Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar with a package that they don’t know. Or, at the very least, one with enough rare and vintage content to keep your expert smiling and you enjoying hearing the sounds, too.

Here are five releases this year that can make even a total nerd take notice

Isaac Hayes: The Spirit of Memphis 1962 – 1976 (Stax/Craft Recordings). 2016 [PNG Merlin Archive]

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The Spirit of Memphis 1962-1976

Isaac Hayes | Stax/Craft Recordings

Isaac Hayes would have turned 75 this year. This four CD/seven-inch, vinyl-combo box set documents the late composer, singer, player and producer’s rise from the southern American club scene into one of the historic greats of soul music behind such global smashes as the Theme from Shaft and — perhaps not the best memory — voicing the character of Chef in numerous seasons of South Park. Read about how this prolific artist developed the “Memphis Sound” in the 60-page hardcover book loaded with archival photos and intelligent essays as you marvel at how futuristic such rare tracks as Sir Isaac and the Do-Dad’s Blue Groove or The Mad Lads Patch My Heart sound. Quite an appropriate collection coming in the year that Stax Records celebrates its 60th anniversary. NOTE: Craft Recordings has had a banner year with box sets as documented by its comprehensive projects on John Lee Hooker, Thelonious Monk and more.

A Man I’d Rather Be (Part 1 and 2)

Bert Jansch | Earth Recordings

As a member of the Pentangle with the incredible guitarist John Renbourn, English folk/blues artist Bert Jansch was key in shaping the entire U.K. folk/rock sound, as well as developing the distinctive guitar-hero aspects of the acoustic guitar. In terms of influence, Jansch’s fans include such luminaries as Jimmy

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