Toasting the best wine-by-the-glass no-reservation spots in south Edmonton

Edmonton is getting well-deserved national attention for its top-quality food scene. To achieve this status, these restaurants all have some things in common — talented chefs with a “vision,” using quality ingredients, plus they all have excellent wine lists with equal creativity and consideration. Thankfully, we are seeing wine-by-the-glass programs improving as well, and they deserve some recognition. Here’s a look at my top wine-by-the-glass spots with no-reservation bar seating on the south side of the river.

Interesting wines of quality being poured by the glass is a relatively new phenomenon in Edmonton. We’re seeing an upswing in moving away from the “so last year” glass pours of mass-produced, commercial and homogeneous wines. Previously it was the boring and the overly-manipulated examples of Pinot Grigio, over-oaked Chardonnay, jammy Zinfandel, over-extracted Napa Cabernet Sauvignon and of course the safe choice, Malbec. These are easy and often simple, lacking freshness and guaranteed to induce a headache from elevated levels of sugar and alcohol. Or just plain boring.

Some establishments are responding to the growing movement towards food and wines that are both made with little manipulation and respect to the environment and our bodies. They serve wines that not only pair with the food on the menu but that are balanced, fresh and change with each vintage. That’s the key. In each vintage the weather and harvest play an integral role in grape development, and that is what makes wine special. You anticipate a cooler vintage to have more vibrancy than a hot vintage, which would result in less acidity and more ripeness. Vintage variation, versus manipulating wines so that they are the same year after year.

Here are my top stops for a great glass of wine when I want to unwind or catch up on work. Of course, the food is equally awesome, and no reservation is required.

Pip general manager Mike Angus poses for a photo in the restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta on Wednesday, November 15, 2017. Photo by Ian Kucerak (For Juanita Roos’ wine column)

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Ian Kucerak, Ian Kucerak/Postmedia

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Mike Angus is general manager at Pip in Edmonton.

Pip, 10403 83 Ave., is located next to sister restaurants Meat and The Next Act in Old Strathcona, is the newest addition to Edmonton’s wine bar scene. I may be a

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