Hari Kondabolu’s The Problem with Apu attempts to shut down The Simpsons’ racist caricature for good

Apu from The Simpsons is a walking cartoon stereotype, but for nearly three decades he’s represented the South Asian community to Americans — a yogi with a Ph.D who’s also running the equivalent of a 7-Eleven. Stand-up comedian Hari Kondabolu is fighting to unseat Apu from his central position in the American cultural psyche. Kondabolu’s debut film The Problem with Apu is a 49-minute weird hybrid of comedy, documentary, and animated boxing match. As current societal attitudes shift toward established power structures, Kondabolu and others are edging for a reassessment of once beloved characters that are actually dehumanizing caricatures.

In the same vein, shows like Fresh off the Boat and Insecure are making the lives of minorities more

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Source:: The Verge – Culture Posts

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