New Harvey Weinstein Victim Claims Shocking Sex Assault

Harvey Weinstein Alleged Victim Caitlin Dulany

Another victim of Harvey Weinstein has come forward to share her story with, alleging the movie mogul suddenly stripped naked after showing up to her apartment, leaving her terrified and desperate to escape.

Dulany, 50, told Radar in an exclusive interview that the alleged traumatizing incident with Weinstein occurred in New York City in the winter of 1996, when she was in her late 20s.

“It was horrible. He was so manipulative. I think about all the things that were going on with women and all the horrible things that he did. I had a lucky escape,” said Dulany, who now lives in Los Angeles.

Dulany first met Weinstein when she went to a screenplay reading at the Miramax offices in Tribeca. The producer was standing outside the building when she arrived, and he started chatting with her.

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“He introduced himself to me. He was very charming and gracious, in this way that he could be,” noted Dulany. “I knew who he was. He was very interesting and welcoming.”

“He invited me to a screening and there were plenty of people around. He said he valued my opinion on the film,” she continued. “Maybe his angle with me was respecting my opinion. He was manipulative, but you don’t realize it.”

“Harvey is this interesting powerful man and interested in you. It felt like he was really talking to you and things that were important to you,” explained Dulany of why she trusted Weinstein. “It throws you off. I really did think he was my friend. I didn’t have any idea he was doing this thing that he did.”

After the screening, Weinstein invited Dulany to attend a party. She went, but said she didn’t talk to him that much during the event.

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“I didn’t sit with him, but I remember thinking, ‘What a great group of people.’ There was a social-acquaintance relationship with Harvey, but he has this way of making you feel like you are special.”

Weinstein, 65, then invited Dulany to dinner, offering to pick her up from her apartment in the West Village. Dulany said yes, and the movie mogul, who arrived early, came up to her apartment as she was finishing getting ready.

“I didn’t know he was a predator,” Dulany told Radar.

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