Ayesha Curry’s Thanksgiving dinner advice will save you hours

Celebrity chef-restaurateur Ayesha Curry has one very important piece of advice to impart to those of you who spend hours and hours in the kitchen on Thanksgiving:

Spatchcock your turkey.

(No, this doesn’t involve hitting the bird over a net. That was junior-high badminton.)

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Spatchcocking is a prep method that involves removing the backbone from the turkey so the bird lies flat on a baking pan. (You can ask the butcher to do this.) “It’s so much quicker,” Curry says, noting that the turkey will cook in 1½ hours and stay juicy.

Turkey won’t be the only main dish on the Curry family’s table. She likes to make salmon and maybe oxtail or curried goat from her Jamaican heritage.

When it comes to dressing, “I’m a sweet and savory girl,” she declares. Her cornbread stuffing will be studded with cranberries and dates and seasoned with sage, rosemary and thyme.

Side dishes will include sweet potato casserole, macaroni and cheese, and fresh cranberry sauce with a little Cointreau. But that quintessential holiday casserole — the one that so many Americans have a love/hate relationship with — won’t be served, not even a gourmet version.

“I’m allergic to green beans,” Curry says.

Source:: East Bay – Lifestyle

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