Tom Sizemore Accused Of Violating 11-Year-Old Girl

Tom Sizemore was kicked off the 2003 Utah film set of Born Killers after he allegedly violated an 11-year-old actress, who told her parents that the actor had touched her vagina during a second-unit still portrait session in which the child had to sit on Sizemore’s lap. This, according to several cast and crew members of the flick who have come forward with the claims to The Hollywood Reporter.

Sizemore, who denied the claims when productions confronted him about it, was sent home after the alleged incident but months later, he returned for reshoots in Malibu after her parents declined to press charges.

The incident, which Sizemore has declined to address saying via his agent “Our position is ‘no comment,’” has never been revealed publicly.

The now 26-year-old former actress has also declined the comment, but she did reveal to THR she’s recently hired a lawyer to explore legal action against the actor as well as her parents.

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Cast- and crewmembers claim the alleged incident took place during a half-hour photo session to capture images of Sizemore’s character with his abandoned wife and daughter. The little girl seated upon his lap is when Sizemore allegedly either rubbed his finger against the girl’s vagina or inserted it inside, according to cast insiders. Production manager Cassidy Lunnen recalls that “the girl was so young it was unclear to her and [later] her parents what had actually taken place and if it was intentional or not.”

Robyn Adamson, who played Sizemore’s wife, reveals there was one take in particular which require just the actor and little girl, who was wearing a flannel nightgown. Adamson stood away and looked on as the scene took place, recalling: “At one point her eyes got just huge, like she could’ve vomited. I was watching her. She soon reintegrated and kept going, although she had trouble taking direction. Later, when I was told about what happened, I knew exactly what it was.”

The casting director for the film, Catherine McGregor, says she received a call from the young actress’ agent the next day, saying she’d told her mother Sizemore inappropriately touched her. “The mother noticed that her daughter was unusually quiet and told her she was going to take her to this swimming place that was the little girl’s favorite thing,”

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