Pokémon Go studio Niantic is reportedly making a Harry Potter AR game

The makers of the once immensely popular Pokémon Go are now making a Harry Potter AR game, Tech Crunch reported today. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is an AR mobile app set to launch next year, co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive and its new brand, the aptly named Portkey Games.

Rumors of a Harry Potter AR game developed by Niantic had swirled last year, but were ruled a hoax by Snopes. Many had initially predicted that Pokémon Go would spawn a series of copycat AR games, and now that prediction finally seems to be coming true.

According to the report, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite may be influenced by Niantic’s cult classic game Ingress, which allows people to collect boosts, defend locations, and explore their environment, mixing the

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Source:: The Verge – Culture Posts

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