Suki Waterhouse & Diego Luna are still together, she’s also in that Woody Allen movie


In news that will surprise absolutely no one, Diego Luna and Suki Waterhouse are still a thing. I use “thing” not so much as a hip term for a relationship but rather because I have no idea what to call them. I’m sure they are positively giddy over each other but I am not convinced they are exclusive. Suki’s been spotted out with a few other guys that may or may not be platonic relationships. However, they are connected and they, once again, took to the streets of New York for a little cavorting on the sidewalk.

They are said to have been dating for a blissful 10 months.

And it seems Suki Waterhouse, 25, and Diego Luna, 37, are still in the throes of happy new love as they were seen frolicking on the NYC streets after a date night on Tuesday evening, where they were both casually-clad.

The stunning actress seemed enamoured as she larked around with her beau shortly before he took a spill while she helped him up before carrying on their evening.

Sporting a quirky baker boy cap, the stunning model was keeping things ultra low-key as she headed out in harem pants and a maroon knit.

Her make-up free appearance made the most of her youthful appearance while she allowed her blonde tresses to flow in bouncy waves.

Diego has two children – son Jerónimo, 9; and daughter Fiona, 7 – with his ex-wife Camila Sodi, whom he divorced in 2013 after a five-year marriage.

The couple play mysterious roles in upcoming Woody Allen untitled flick helmed by the 81-year-old filmmaker, whose Amazon series Crisis in Six Scenes starring Miley Cyrus bombed last year.

After months of laying low, Suki was seen spending a week in the Big Apple with the Rogue One actor in June, reigniting rumours of a romance.

[From Daily Mail]

Look, I think Suki is as cute as the next gal by the descriptions of her appearance in this piece is a little over the top, don’t you think? There are so many adjective to describe her, it reads more like filler than compliments. Whatever, she looks good and I still dig her style. Personally, I’d spend more time describing him but somehow drooling doesn’t translate well in print. Also, I’m positive it’s been longer than 10-months. I get that there were breaks and other

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