Return Of The Plot Twist: What Can We Expect From The Last Jedi?

Note: this piece *hopefully* contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi

We are blessed to live in such times. Sure there’s Brexit, Trump, while Boris Johnson, our beloved Foreign Secretary quotes Kipling on state visits to former colonies. But life has its blessings – for one thing, we’re among the lucky few in history who are able to speculate about what’s going to happen in the next Star Wars film. Imagine if Twitter had existed in the late 70s, I’m sure people would have been all over the theory that Luke and Leia were brother and sister.

I’m sure you enjoyed as much as I did, giving into the dark side, (ignoring both your better, and Rian Johnson’s, judgement) by watching the trailer this week. This is a rare moment in history, there were no surprises when (spoiler alert) little Anakin turned to the dark side. There’s questions that need answering, and pronto. The mystery of Rey’s parentage is (apparently) a done deal, and besides there are larger issues at play here.

Firstly, does Rey dislike sand as much as her grandfather, Darth Vader, did? Has Rey inherited all of her grandfather’s special set of skills? And why did Luke turn full absent father, and abandon his daughter on a desert planet despite the fact that his family has a deeply troubled history with sand?

So how will the great “I am your father” moment be revealed? We know the filmmakers’ task is a big one. We’ve already had an identical twist in the original trilogy, so the stakes are high. The sentence will need to be delivered in a different and unique way, despite the fact that it will be the exact same words, just replacing Luke with Rey (Yes okay, I know that is not the actual line!)

I can see how it is going to be play out, (this is what it must feel like to have a force vision.) Perhaps late in Act III;

“Rey, I am your father.” (Luke)
“Rey, I am your cousin.” (Kylo)

I’m not sure I could cope with the shock of finding out Rey is Kylo Ren’s cousin. Although come to think of it, Luke and Leia grew up in different systems and turned out to be brother and sister so perhaps every character in this galaxy are at least distant cousins?

But let’s be serious for a moment and discuss what form a possible twist

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Entertainment

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