Hilarious Tweets Provide The Sassiest Translations To Email Lingo

The world of email is a funny world indeed, full of phrases that you would never under any circumstances say out loud. Case in point: “please reply at your earliest convenience”.

Now, in what is guaranteed to put a smile on your face, people have been sharing what they really mean when using ‘email speak’.

The conversation was prompted by @MsReginaM, who tweeted what she really means when she writes “please advise” in an email (her definition: “BITCH, stop playing with me!”).

Her tweet prompted others to add to a makeshift and oh-so-sassy glossary of overused email phrases. Prepare to relate, hard.

1. Thanks for your email

“Thank you for your email” = y u gotta bother me ? . Don’t you know , I’m trying to post on Facebook and buy some shit on eBay.

— arcy Ⓥ (@arseniareilly) October 13, 2017

2. Just wanted to touch base.

“Just wanted to touch bases with you on.” = You taking too fucking long.

— Queen Quay (@_ThatShitQuay) October 11, 2017

3. It has come to my attention.

“It has come to my attention”= Which one of y’all dumbass didn’t do what you were supposed to now the heat coming on me https://t.co/e8ZeioTM3w

— John Doe (@SirMostChildish) October 11, 2017

4. As per my last email.

“per my last email”= LOOK I done TOLD YOU

— scarrington (@callmekinsey) October 12, 2017

5. See below.

“See below” = you tried it but I got #receipts https://t.co/pIyGMZHvLT

— Cardi Bae (@therAfua) October 12, 2017

6. Please advise.

“Please advise”= BITCH, stop playing with me!

The beauty of code switching

— RM (@MsReginaM) October 11, 2017

7. I look forward to your timely response.

I look forward to your timely response – Reply now https://t.co/vgbJfuX9cQ

— W.O.L.F (@Daisey06) October 12, 2017

8. Please reply at your earliest convenience.

“At your earliest convenience” = hurry tf up people got shit to do

— Benny (@LenoreLive) October 11, 2017

9. Moving forward.

“Moving forward” = like I SAID https://t.co/lismbrwRZS

— You GO Girl (@PrettyAssNee) October 11, 2017

10. Looping in [insert name].

+Looping in = Girl, come see this BS. https://t.co/ihvimGFaMV

— Baegon Targaryan (@_LoveShyanne) October 11, 2017

11. In order to set expectations.

“In order to set expectations” = let me tell you what is not going to happen. https://t.co/mbyjggu6AD

— Leon

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Lifestyle

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