Our Culture Is Already Enabling The Next Harvey Weinstein

I find myself saddened, angry and disgusted that, once again, the news is filled with stories about a powerful man of influence — in this case, film producer Harvey Weinstein — who has allegedly used his position to systematically harass and sexually abuse women over a period of decades.

What makes this situation so bad is that, yet again, many people around him knew what Mr. Weinstein was allegedly doing but allowed his behaviour to continue unchecked. It’s not just the fact that Weinstein has purportedly been abusing women for decades that offends me; it’s the fact that at least some part of his behaviour was a well-known “secret” in Hollywood.

Many questions come to my mind. For example, “Why did Mr. Weinstein think that he could behave so badly toward women and get away with it?”

I wonder, “Why can a man spend years sexually harassing and abusing women and all his colleagues allow it to go on?”

Another question I have is “Why did his victims remain silent until now?”

Interestingly, the answer I’ve come up with is the same for all three questions.

The decks are totally stacked against women when it comes to sexual harassment, abuse and assault.

I believe that the reason why Mr. Weinstein thought he could get away with his egregious behaviour, why those around him turned a blind eye to it and why his victims remained silent is this: the decks are totally stacked against women when it comes to sexual harassment, abuse and assault.

I think that we live in a culture that’s fundamentally misogynistic, in which women continue to be objectified, sexualized and harassed with little said or done about such things.

You only have to look at side-by-side visual representations of men and women in the media to note the glaring discrepancies. Men are portrayed as exciting, adventurous, strong, bold or intelligent. Women are almost exclusively portrayed as sexy and alluring.

Even female doctors, lawyers and scientists who appear in the media to comment on various topics more often than not show up for their interviews in low-necked tops and high-heeled shoes. The expectation by the TV studios is that, as females, they must prioritize their attractiveness over their expertise.

A Business Insider article discusses 10 female news anchors who’ve been fired because they were deemed no longer sexually attractive. Open any magazine, including the liberal-leaning Vanity Fair, and you’ll consistently see female celebrities posing in their

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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