Farrah Abraham Gets Vaginal Tightening Procedure To ‘Improve Sexual Satisfaction’

Farrah Abraham’s sex life is about to get even more enjoyable! In an exclusive video obtained by RadarOnline.com, Abraham tells all on her vaginal tightening procedure.

Abraham, 26, underwent her second out of four internal and external vaginal rejuvenation procedures at the Beverly Hills Rejuvenation Center.

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“I can visually see a difference,” the RN said in the video, as Abraham added of her vagina, “What I love is that I can notice more control and understanding of the muscles more. My skin is feeling thicker, better and stronger!”

The RN continued that not only does the procedure lessen the darkness of the labia, but it also “improves sexual satisfaction. “

“In addition to tightening everything, it increases circulation and lubrication,” the RN explained. “A side effect you will notice is you’re more wet during sex and that improves the experience.”

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A spokesperson for the procedure recently told Radar that a wand is inserted and moved in and out for eight minutes.

“It creates heat,” the spokesperson explained. “The heat will thicken the inside lining of uterus and of the vagina to make it tight and firm.”

The external vaginal rejuvenation provides the same results as a labiaplasty without surgically removing excess tissue from the vagina.

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“Collagen is produced by the laser that make the lips firm so they aren’t hanging anymore,” the rep explained.

Abraham also underwent an IPL Laser Facial.

“For Farrah, the procedure was to reduce fine line veins under her eyes,” the spokesperson explained. “It also reduces pores, brown spots, unevenness, freckles and more blemishes caused by sun damage.”

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In August, Abraham tightened up her famous booty too, as she underwent the skin-tightening procedure Exilis.

“The procedure heats up the skin with radiofrequency to tighten the skin and tissue,” the insider said at the time. “It goes deep and gets rid of cellulite to make everything tight and firm.”

Abraham went under the knife for the first time in 2010 when she got a breast augmentation, going from an A cup to a C cup.


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