Star: Henry Cavill & his girlfriend Lucy Cork are talking about having a baby

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The lady with Henry Cavill in this Instagram is his girlfriend, Lucy Cork, a 25-year-old stuntwoman. They met while filming Mission Impossible 6 earlier this year – Lucy was working on the film as Rebecca Ferguson’s stuntwoman. Considering Lucy is not a college freshman like Henry’s previous girlfriend, I was all for it. I prefer Henry with stuntwoman-types, strong ladies who could kick his ass. I think he enjoys that kind of woman too. At most, Henry and Lucy have been together for possibly about six months. He’s already declared his undying devotion to her on social media, and obviously, they are Instagram-official and event-official. So… what happens now? Apparently, Lucy wants a baby.

Henry Cavill and his girlfriend, sexy stuntwoman Lucy Cork, are trying to get pregnant, a source tells Star.

“Having a baby is more of a priority than marriage, especially for Lucy,” blabs the whistleblower. “Henry very much wants to have a house full of children as soon as possible.”

Cavill, 34, met Lucy, 25, on the set of Mission Impossible 6 in early July – and she’s since melted the “insufferable” Man of Steel, adds the insider: “Henry’s become so much more laid-back since Lucy came into his life. This is something to celebrate.”

[From Star Magazine, print edition]

Do you think she really wants a baby or is this just tabloid bulls–t that they make up about any given couple? Considering Henry’s emotional declaration of love for Lucy, I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they were moving very quickly. I think he’s probably like that, like a teenager who gets obsessed with a new girlfriend and thinks THIS IS IT, SHE IS THE ONE every single time. How else do you explain the Kaley Cuoco mess other than the fact that he’s an immature romantic? So, yeah, I think it’s perfectly possible they’re both thinking about babies. And why not? F–k it. I think it’s all a horror show, but you do you. Go ahead, have a Cavill baby.

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