Dionne Warwick Shuts Down Susanna Reid’s Whitney Houston Questions In Awkward ‘Good Morning Britain’ Interview

Dionne Warwick accused Susanna Reid of trying to “hurt” her by asking about Whitney Houston as an interview turned sour on ‘Good Morning Britain’ on Thursday (14 September).

The singer appeared on the ITV breakfast show to discuss her performance at upcoming benefit concert for the Dot Com children’s foundation, and shut down the presenter when she attempted to steer conversation towards the topic of Whitney Houston, Dionne’s late cousin.

“We’re not going to discuss that, OK? That’s a bygone conclusion,” she said. “We’re not discussing that, we’re here to discuss Dot Com.”

Susanna then attempted to explain why she had asked about Whitney, citing the recent documentary about her, but Dionne cut her off.

“I would just rather first of all, this is a very personal thing,” she said.

“Why would you guys even want to continue to hurt me like that? Because that does hurt? So let’s leave it there. Can we go on talking about Dot Com now?”

As Susanna told her she meant no disrespect, Dionne was still not pleased, saying: “Yes, wonderful, thank you. Can we now talk about Dot Com?”

Dionne won praise from fans on Twitter, who said she was right to shut Susanna’s line of questioning down.

Well done @_DionneWarwick 4 putting Susanna Reid in her place! How insensitive and improper to bring up something so personal. #GMB #STUPID

— Jason Gardiner (@officialJasonG) September 14, 2017

Oh oh..Suzanna just got ‘slayed’ by Dionne Warwick! *high 5 Dionne!. #goodmorningbritain #GMB

— Cassie (@CassieMaie) September 14, 2017

YES Dionne Warwick – you tell ’em. Berated @GMB for bringing up cousin’s death at a completely irrelevant moment. Leave Whitney alone.

— Chris Jones (@HashtagChrisJ) September 14, 2017

What’s wrong with #dionnewarwick expressing herself about refraining from answering questions about Whitney?Does she have to answer them..

— Cammy (@cammy_camilla) September 14, 2017

Much respect for @_DionneWarwick on @GMB this morning. She’s there to promote not talk about her personal grief #shameonyou

— Laura Sandgrove (@laurahookham) September 14, 2017

Good on Dionne Warwick you come to chat about yourself not the passing of your cousin.. #showsomerespect #GMB

— Sim ✌ (@Simwhitley91) September 14, 2017

When Dionne Warwick puts Suzanna Reid firmly in her place! #Dontgothere #GMTV

— Katrina-J Stedman (@Katrinaj185) September 14,

Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Entertainment

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