Bill O’Reilly: Trump defended neo-Nazis because he ‘acts & speaks emotionally’

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It’s still sort of amazing to me – and yet unsurprising to me – that Donald Trump openly sided with neo-Nazis during the Charlottesville protests and that he still isn’t paying any consequences for that. People jumped up President Obama’s ass anytime he suggested that police officers should stop killing black folks or that perhaps there was too much gun violence in this country. But Trump can openly equate peaceful protesters with armed neo-Nazis marching in an American city in 2017, and it’s just another “bad PR moment” in this administration. One way of looking at it is that Trump’s approval rate has cratered no matter what, so he can do and say anything and people are like “yeah, that sounds like that a–hole.” But what about the one-third of the country, the people who are still ride-or-die for him? They’ll still make excuses for him. So, Bill O’Reilly has a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, and most of this piece is pretty boring, but they ask him about Trump & Charlottesville:

THR: Speaking of which, what did you think about Trump’s statements blaming the violence in Charlottesville on “both sides”?
O’Reilly: I’ve known Trump for 30 years. I wrote a column for The Hill and said that Trump’s mistake — and it was one — was that you can never under any circumstances equate Nazis with anyone else. It’s a very simple thing, OK? So if you understand history — and I think Trump does to some extent, but not perhaps to the extent that is needed in this day and age — when you understand the evil that happened in the ’30s and ’40s in Germany, in Europe and even in Japan, really, truly understand it, you can’t make comments about it in any other context other than, this is pure evil. That’s it, OK? Now, if you want to make a point the next day that the antifa movement is destructive, you can do that, but it has to be the next day. You see what I mean?

But he’s president now. Shouldn’t the bar be higher? Shouldn’t he have a better grasp of history?
He acts and he speaks emotionally, OK? Always. And that’s why he got elected. People rallied to that because they’re tired of the automaton politicians. He wasn’t thinking about Nazis and what they

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