Review: ‘Destiny 2’ makes up for the sins of the original

For all the hype surrounding the title, the original “Destiny” didn’t make a good first impression. It came across as a convoluted mess that mixed Bungie’s excellent first-person-shooter pedigree with a massive multiplayer online game.

The story was wallpaper plastered over an intriguing universe and a complicated leveling system. But something happened as “Destiny” evolved with the times. Bungie eventually improved on its concept with three expansion packs and several updates. The developer learned from its mistakes and capitalized on a sequel.

“Destiny 2” starts off with a bang that immediately establishes the stakes and characters important to the storyline. The Red Legion launches a surprise attack on the Guardians, stealing the source of their power, the Traveler, and conquering the last city on Earth.

As survivors of the assault, players become key members of the resistance. This sequel fixes the sins of the original by forcing players to earn everything from the ground up while guiding them through the ins and outs of gameplay and spinning a conventional but compelling tale.

Players will have to find their speederlike Sparrow and new ships via Bright Engrams that enemies randomly drop. They’ll have to go on missions, in which they venture into the dark forest and unlock the subclasses for their Titan, Hunter or Warlock characters. Meanwhile, “Destiny 2” uses its story, elaborate worlds and side missions to ease the grind toward level 20 and the end of the campaign.

Although the narrative is predictable, it does have a fascinating villain in Dominus Ghaul. He’s someone who desires the Light of the Traveler, but doesn’t understand why it chose humanity to bear its power over his Cabal Empire. He’s more three-dimensional than most video game adversaries. It’s a shame that players don’t encounter him more often before the last battle.

With a clearer narrative, “Destiny 2” focuses more on the gameplay. The creators of “Halo” don’t stray far from the path of the original. They double down on the elements that made it great — the cooperative gameplay. This campaign isn’t meant to be played alone, though one can.

It’s better when players form three-member fireteams and go through the adventure together. That’s how players can maximize their abilities and take on tougher missions. Titans are the vanguard that specialize in taking damage on the front lines. Hunters specialize in movement and damage dealing while Warlocks are healers who have devastating attacks. The subclasses offer varying

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