Farrah Abraham Disses Amber Portwood’s Split Personality

Farrah Abraham Says Amber Portwood Has Split Personality Teen Mom Feud

Farrah Abraham has said she’d like to smooth things over with Amber Portwood—but has thrown fuel on the fire of their feud again instead!

The two, who have appeared on various incarnations of Teen Mom, don’t speak and when E! News talked to Abraham at New York Fashion Week, the star said why.

“I would want to bury that hatchet, too,” Abraham said. “But I’m never wrong. I’m a great friend; I’m a stand-up individual and in the same sentence she wants to be friends with me, she always says I’m crazy.”

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Portwood, 25, has previously told E!’s Daily Pop in August that Abraham, also 25, was “crazy” and continued, “We used to be friends, but I don’t know what happened. I think she did things for publicity. I still love her to death. She knows that.”

Portwood also said that although it’s “natural” for the two to butt heads, she’s “ready to let everything go” and be friends again with Abraham.

On Friday, Abraham countered to E!, “She’s the only one who is diagnosed with a split personality disorder amongst other things, which is not a joke. It’s very serious.”

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In fact, Portwood revealed her diagnosis of bipolar and dissociative disorder in 2011.

Abraham and Portwood’s fights have been epic, as fans of Teen Mom: OG know.

They actually threw punches at each other in a leaked reunion show scene.

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Earlier this year, Portwood accused Abraham of cocaine use. Abraham, the mother of Sophia, 7, admitted in her 2012 memoir to snorting the drug soon after her daughter’s birth.

When asked by E! if she would she pick up the phone if Portwood called, Abraham snarked, “I believe she’s blocked.”

The Back Door Teen Mom added, “I just am on a whole other level of my life and I’m focused on my daughter and not on her.”

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Still, Abraham said she wanted the best for Portwood

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