Ask Amy: How can I get out of using this gift from our housekeeper?

Columnist Amy Dickinson (Bill Hogan/Chicago Tribune)

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DEAR AMY: My fiance and I both have demanding jobs that require us to work long hours. To help around the house, we hired a lovely woman to assist with cleaning, laundry, etc. She does a good job and I trust her, so I want to keep her happy.

About a year ago she gave us a comforter set with matching throw pillows for our bed. It was a kind, generous gift, especially considering that she has a family to care for and is not of great means.

We’ve been using the comforter she gave us for about a year now. The issue is that I don’t particularly like the pattern, and I have a beautiful, down duvet that I would prefer to be using. We are also getting married soon and I received a lovely duvet cover at my bridal shower (for which I had registered).

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Because she changes our sheets, I need to tell her that I would prefer to be using my down duvet and the new cover, but I don’t want to possibly offend her.

How can I do this tactfully?


DEAR GRATEFUL: You have been using this set for a year, and now that you are getting married and receiving gifts, it is time to add more selections to your bedding rotation.

Tell your cleaner, “We received another bedding set for a wedding gift, so we’re going to start using it. I’m going

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