Guy Tries To Date Five Women In One Night, It Backfires Spectacularly

Most of us wouldn’t dare to go on two dates in one evening, but a cocky dater recently lined up five potential matches in one night.

Thankfully, the not-so-lucky ladies got their sweet revenge, ‘John Tucker Must Die’-style.

It all started when office manager Lisette Pylant tweeted to say she’d met up with a guy for a date in a bar.

Thread alert: so I go on what I think might be a date with a guy my friends set me up on on my birthday (yes it’s a bit hazy).

— Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant) August 7, 2017

We meet up at a bar my friend works at. Said friend proceeds to text me telling me this guy sucks and I should run

— Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant) August 7, 2017

I show up and he sucks but I figure I’ll stay because my friends are working at the bar

— Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant) August 7, 2017

Much to Pylant’s surprise, after 45 minutes of a lacklustre date, a second woman rocked up for her date with the man.

So 45 mins in his next date shows up because he double books himslef and he decides he’s going to friendzone me to get out of the situation

— Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant) August 7, 2017

I decide to play the friend in order to help the girl feel less awkward until he exits for a moment and then I tell her what’s up

— Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant) August 7, 2017

The two women made a pact to make the guy feel sufficiently awkward, when a third woman turned up for her date.

We’ll call this girl katie – katie gets in on my quest to make this guy feel like the fucjboy he clearly is and we chat for 30 mins

— Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant) August 7, 2017

Thankfully, the third woman was also on board for getting some good, old fashioned revenge.

Then the third girl shows up – we’ll call her Riley. The guy leaves again and Riley, katie, and I team up and decide to JT Must Die this sit

— Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant) August 7, 2017

The two girls and I have now gotten both bartenders and the bouncer in on this and are taking this guy for all he’s worth over here

— Lisette Pylant (@LisettePylant) August 7, 2017


Source:: The Huffington Post – UK Lifestyle

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