This Google Doodle Cricket Game Is Today’s Best Distraction

In honor of the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup, Google’s Doodle for today is an interactive cricket game.

With the international women’s cricket tournament down to the final four, Google has revived the addictive game it first ran for the ICC Champions Trophy earlier this year. Users draw their computer mouse back in order to take a whack at the ball and play to see how many runs they can get against their opponent.

Players can take their matches on the go, as Google “kept the file size fly-sized” so that it can work on mobile networks or slow connections. In fact, when Google first debuted the game, it said it was its smallest interactive Doodle yet.

CrickHIT for Six in today’s #Cricket #GoogleDoodle! 🏏 →

— Google Doodles (@GoogleDoodles) June 13, 2017

For the real-world version of cricket, eight teams from around the world play in the Women’s Cricket World Cup, and the finals take place on July 23.

Source:: Time – Entertainment

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