Six Lessons On Self Care, Getting Things Done And The Art Of Not Doing ‘Too Much’


I’m starting to realise at last that there is a fine line between getting things done, doing “enough” and doing “too much” and that fine line is my own level of awareness and self care. Somehow, saying I want to do “just enough” feels like I’m not setting my stall out high enough. Plus – how do we define what “enough” looks like? I think if you say, “I want to do just enough to be successful/ get this done”, it can be frowned upon, like you’re slacking off doing the full job. We have a culture of not just needing to meet expectations, but exceed them.

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Yet doing too much can be counter productive. Take the last few weeks. It’s near the end of my twins’ time at preschool, so we have all the associated things to do with wrapping up time at preschool, transition meetings to a new school and sports days etc. At the same time I’ve been working on moving forwards as an artist – with the opportunity to exhibit work locally, I decided this was a good time to also update my Etsy shop and create a new website. Which all makes perfect sense – except that’s a lot of things! It was brilliant – and it all got done. Until

I got a migraine. So here is what I learnt from it all – in the hope it helps you with getting the perfect amount done.

Lesson 1: Listen to the signals that your body is giving you about “too much”

My body tends to start warning me when there is too much stuff going on. I’m much better at listening to it since I had twins, because let’s face it, four year old twins and a migraine isn’t a good combination. Know your own signals for starting to feel like you may be doing too much. For me, it can be eye tiredness, a feeling inside that I’ve been sat working on the same thing all day long. Too much, simply put, starts to feel like not much fun. Often, we may have the awareness that if we don’t stop, we will feel worse for it. When I don’t stop, the feelings often get worse.

Lesson 2: When we power on through, we don’t enjoy the work

When we power on through we start to feel like this must be done, and

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