I’m Done With Anti-Native Racism I See In Local Newspapers

Previously published at Indian Country Today.

The Barrie Examiner has been publishing numerous racist opinion editorials by Joffre McCleary, and Native Twitter is donewithit. McCleary’s bold statements include an editorial about how savage Indigenous people were, titled, “Europeans Brought an Administrative Structure.” He writes, “Our European forefathers introduced woolen blankets, copper kettles and metal implements to the Indigenous people they met. No longer would the women of the tribe have to chew pelts to make them supple. Ask your wife to chew on a hide for a week and see how long your marriage lasts.”

@BarrieExaminer Are you THAT uneducated and tone deaf that you can’t recognize pure white supremacy racism when you read it? pic.twitter.com/4sTbKYooLw

— Aylan Couchie (@AylanX) July 14, 2017

Racism and misogyny and misinformation are fine enough for local papers across Canada, as per my experience as a Native woman. As a child there were often cartoons about “wagon burners” in our newspapers alongside the biased coverage on Native issues, framing our people as homeless or drunks. Then there were the “compassionate” pieces that patronized us while simultaneously trying to fix our “plight,” the same ones we see online today.

Pieces like these belong in the obituaries as the last few words of rambling dead men. Emotionally dead, spiritually dead, intellectually obsolete — it all feels the same. There’s no point refuting white people who prefer the narrative that Indigenous people were savages, because we were here for thousands of years before they came. If they think their rinky-dink blankets saved us from anything, their deductive reasoning is on par with their writing: utterly lacking. They should take their blankets and go home, and stop writing.

Yup. This is the same white supremacy I was taught in school. Not much has changed. https://t.co/wUkZnEQrDF

— âpihtawikosisân (@apihtawikosisan) July 15, 2017

The problem with their reasoning is that it’s polarizing. It asks Indigenous people to defend ourselves, and to posit ourselves against something when we’d prefer confluence, restorative justice, equality — human rights. These desires require some level of complexity in discourse and idea, so the roadblocks of stupidity hinder us indeed.

If people like this want us to “get over it” so badly, maybe they should stop living in a past they refuse to research adequately.

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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