Game of Thrones, Dragonstone: a breakdown of the 5 most memorable scenes

On July 16th, Game of Thrones kicked off its seventh season with “Dragonstone,” and it wasted no time getting violent and bloody. At the end of last season, the battle lines were drawn across a Westeros in chaos. Cersei lost her last son and seized the Iron Throne as Queen, Daenerys Targaryen assembled her fleet and set out across the Narrow Sea, and Jon Snow was named King in the North. That’s right where “Dragonstone” picks up, kicking the season off with one of the most efficient and satisfying openers we can remember.

Arya’s rampage is emblematic of what makes Game of Thrones so satisfying. Whether it’s an important character turn, a clever piece of filmmaking, or a satisfying twist, Game of Thrones lives and dies in the scenes that

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