Five Ways Traveling The World Changed Me For The Better

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Answer by Lanie Bakeberg:

I am an avid traveler. All of my spare time is dedicated to planning trips, preparing for trips, and actually going on trips. From my trips, I’ve learned a lot about myself.

1) Adventure Seeking

I moved around a lot as a kid. Never anywhere exciting, but in many different states. Because we were never near family, my childhood vacations consisted of going to visit grandparents or cousins–FYI, they live in the ever-exciting Kansas. Growing up in suburbia, I never stepped outside of my comfort zone. I never went out of my way looking for excitement. I was content with my life.

My first trip outside of the country wasn’t until college. I studied abroad in Australia and fell in love. I went from a timid girl who was afraid of swimming in the lake to a young lady who was scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef. The first words out of my mouth when I popped out of the water were, “Let’s go skydiving.” Facing my fears and experiencing something truly incredible changed me as a person. I don’t see limits like I used to. I now seek out adventure. And I have a fuller life because of it.

2) Foodie

Coming from a girl who ate McDonald’s chicken nuggets religiously for the first twelve years of life, traveling opens your eyes to new, interesting foods. Some that will keep you drooling for more. Visiting new places and eating what the locals eat broadens your horizons. You will taste what ethnic foods are supposed to taste like. My first bite of pad thai in Thailand let me know what I was missing in America. Needless to say–pasta in Italy? It is a game changer.

Eating while in different countries introduces new flavours, ingredients, and dishes. It also gives you confidence to try new foods in your own neighbourhood.

3) Eyes Open

This is a big one for me. While growing up in a variety of small suburbs, my life and my family were the only things on my mind. I had no idea the world did not revolve around me. This way of life continued until I finally was out of my comfort zone. Out of

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