Dr. Dre: ‘Any man who puts his hands on a female is a f–king idiot’

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Two summers ago, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube did a lot of press around the release of Straight Outta Compton, the bio-pic about the formation and early years of N.W.A. As I’ve said before, when I finally saw the movie, I was surprised by how much I liked it, and how several of the actors turned in really solid performances, especially Jason Mitchell as Eazy-E and Corey Hawkins as Dr. Dre. While the film depicted some real-life crap that the group went through, it also whitewashed some stuff. In particular, there was no mention of Dr. Dre’s history of abusing women during that exact time period.

During the promotion for the film, Dre was a man of few words for the most part… until he got called out for the film’s whitewashing of his violence against women. Dre ended up issuing a statement to the New York Times – go here to re-read it. He apologized, unequivocally, to the women he abused and assaulted, and he said that he has spent the past 19 years trying to be a better man and a man that doesn’t use violence to deal with his problems.

Well, Dr. Dre has a new project – HBO’s The Defiant Ones, which is about his post-NWA years, and his collaboration/partnership with Jimmy Iovine. Instead of just trying to whitewash his narrative (again), Dre is dealing with the abuse issue head-on in the series:

Dr. Dre is getting ahead of the story. After the famously private 52-year-old music producer came under fire for “Straight Outta Compton,” the biopic about N.W.A. that didn’t include any reference to Dre’s alleged assaults on women, he’s addressing his past in his latest project, HBO’s “The Defiant Ones,” which details Dre’s partnership with Jimmy Iovine.

“Any man who puts his hands on a female is a f–king idiot. He’s out of his f–king mind, and I was out of my f–king mind at the time,” he said in a clip from the docuseries. “I f–ked up. I paid for it. I’m sorry for it, and I apologize for it. I have this dark cloud that follows me, and it’s going to be attached to me forever. It’s a major blemish on who I am as a man.”

Dre, whose real name is Andre Romelle Young, was accused of assaulting ex-girlfriend Michel’le, journalist Dee Barnes

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