Beyonce ‘hasn’t started to work out yet… she is all about recovering’


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The Mother of the World, Beyonce, posted these photos to her social media on Friday. Bey and Jay-Z actually had a date night without the twins on Thursday night, so the paparazzi snapped some pics of the two of them out and about – go here to see. I was pleased to see that Beyonce looks like a woman who gave birth one month ago, as in… she hasn’t lost the baby weight. Very few women lose the baby weight in the first month, and the conversation about “losing the baby weight” is rather gross pregnancy-shaming/weight-shaming anyway. I would have been happy enough to simply talk about Beyonce without talking about her weight or anything like that. Unfortunately, Beyonce seems to want us to talk about her weight.

Back in the not-so-distant past, Beyonce’s first pregnancy featured a lot of speculation about pillows and bumps that seemed to “fold” when she sat down. After Blue Ivy was born, Beyonce seemed to “snap back” to her old body pretty quickly, which is easy to do when you just detach the pillow. In those early months of 2012, Beyonce spoke to People Magazine about how she was back in the gym, working out three or four times a week soon after Blue was born. Beyonce’s trainer even said that Bey was actually working out five times a week, doing high-impact exercise, soon after giving birth. None of it seemed… authentic. Like, I believed Beyonce was working out like crazy. I just didn’t believe that a woman who had just recently given birth could work out with that intensity. So what do you make of this new story of Beyonce’s post-twins body?

A source close to Beyoncé tells PEOPLE the mother of three hasn’t hit the gym in the month since delivering twins — despite the trim figure she showed off on Thursday and Friday.

“Beyoncé hasn’t started to work out yet,” the source says. “She is all about recovering.”

The 35-year-old “Crazy in Love” singer shocked fans on Friday when she shared the first photo of one-month-old twins Rumi and Sir Carter to Instagram. But aside from the pic being the first time the Beyhive caught a glimpse of the newest members of her and husband

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