5 Reasons Psychology Is Important For Everyone

I recall periods in my childhood when the word therapy and therapist began floating in and out of my vocabulary. For whatever reason, growing up in Ireland therapy/counselling/psychotherapy were only for “crazy people” or at least we were conditioned to think that way. Sure, why would you confess all and become vulnerable to a stranger?

I started to read a book called Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser and she constructed an argument that resonated with me. It does not really matter if your childhood was very traumatic or easy flowing or very happy. By the nature of life and its stages we all suffer, grieve, suppress and avoid. It is part of the nature of who we are as humans; furthermore, the sooner we realize psychological health is just as pertinent as physical health the depth to which we experience life and other people will drastically change.

Here are five reasons psychology is important for everyone.

1. Well-being

Psychological well being is having satisfaction and overall contentment with all segments of your life. The tricky part about well being is that one might feel as if “they have life figured out” not realizing that we continuously need to focus on self growth, self acceptance and our overall development as a person. This might mean some uncomfortable reflections but in the end they will be key to helping us grow. We are constantly experiencing different thoughts, emotions and behaviours within ourselves and then integrate them into a wider society so psychological well-being should be like our homework of life. You cant claim you have everything in life figured out when you can not remember the last time you self reflected and made room for change or growth.

2. Friendships

There are several explanations as to why we choose friends along the pathway of life. The psychological understanding is that we don’t only select friends because of who they are but we select them because they love and accept us for who we really are. Friends bring things to the table like honesty, loyalty and truth all of which need constant work attention and involve a lot of risk and vulnerability. We attach to others in secure or anxious ways which explains why some friends can have a negative effect on each other as opposed to the healthy positive friendships. Friends come and go throughout life and only you can be the person to determine that decision. Psychology

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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