5 behind the scenes stories you’ve probably never heard about the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland

The Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland is 50 years old, but there are probably still things that you don’t know about it.

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Disney Imagineering Legends Marty Sklar, Orlando Ferrante, Tony Baxter, Kim Irvine, Luc Maynard and Nancy Seruto gathered at the D23 Expo’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: 50 Years of Swashbuckling Adventures in Disney Parks” panel Friday to chat about their favorite parts of the ride and to reminisce about the days when it was new.

Some of them shared interesting tidbits and stories you may not have heard before. Here are 5:

Anaheim Firefighters hate the fire scene

When the city of Anaheim’s fire department first came to check out Pirates, they were worried, Sklar remembered. The fire scene toward the end of the ride was so convincing, they worried they wouldn’t be able to tell a potential real fire from the fake one. So, though it’s only rumored, Baxter and Sklar believe there’s a switch somewhere in the ride that turns off the fake fire in the event of a real one.

Tony Baxter paid $2 to get a sneak peek of Pirates

Baxter worked at the park as an ice cream scooper when he was a teenager and often snuck away to get a peek of Pirates as it was being built. One day, Imagineer Claude Coats caught Baxter peeping and invited him in to tour the nearly-finished ride.

“I spent an hour with Claud, ran back to scoop ice cream and they docked me an hour of pay,” Baxter recounted. “I said ‘that’s probably the best one hour I ever spent. You can keep your $2.’”

Bonus: Baxter snuck in again to ride in a boat as Pirates was being tested on the day Walt Disney died.

The original Pirates model was

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