In an alternative reality, the president wore an Escada coat and an Oscar de la Renta gown. She looked great.

It wasn’t exactly an homage to Hillary Clinton. But she was there in spirit. On the season finale of “Scandal,” Clinton was an indelible source of inspiration – for what was worn and what was not.

On Thursday night’s two-hour episode, Melody Margaret Grant, her hair pinned back and up, stood on the west side of the Capitol and took the oath of office, becoming the country’s first female president. To get there, she traversed the kind of tortured, circuitous, blood-soaked route that is a hallmark of the Washington-based melodrama created by Shonda Rhimes. So, despite the history-making nature of her victory, it was not one that fizzed with patriotic delight. But that’s how things work in Shondaland – a strange, alternative reality that offered up a picture of how Jan. 20, 2017, might have look if the electoral college had voted a different way and the “highest, hardest glass ceiling” had not only been shattered but done with a female vice president along for the breakthrough.

The new President Grant (Bellamy Young) was sworn in wearing a navy-blue Escada coat with kimono sleeves, navy leather gloves and a red, white and blue scarf neatly wrapped around her neck. Underneath, she wore an Armani dress and blazer. Over the course of her campaign, Mellie wore a flag pin on her jacket or her dress, as all politicians do, but it seemed to get larger the closer she came to victory. By Inauguration Day, her bedazzled flag brooch, not Ann Hand but Oscar Heyman, was practically as large as the satisfied grin on her face.

Holding the Bible and gazing on approvingly was her vice president, Luna Isabella Vargas (Tessie Santiago), who was dressed in a pale pink overcoat from Sentaler, adorned with a more discreet flag pin. Vargas, by the way, was not what she seemed – that sugary-sweet coat was nothing but visual misdirection – and before the two-hour finale concluded, she had been blamed for the assassination of her husband, was forced to take a poison pill as punishment for her crime, and was last seen slumped on a sofa in the White House.

But back to Mellie.

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This female president did not wear pantsuits, or even pants – not when she was campaigning and not when she was sworn in. In fact, her only scene in trousers

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