Chris Cornell Suicide: Minute By Minute Details Revealed Jn Police Report

Chris Cornell Suicide Hanged Death Details Police Report

Chris Cornell’s tragic death details have been revealed in the shocking police report and has the minute by minute description of his wife and bodyguard’s desperate attempt to save him.

According to the police report from his death investigation, the Soundgarden frontman’s wife contacted his bodyguard after becoming fearful for his life when he was “groggy” on the phone. The guard, who happens to be Heidi Klum‘s ex, was forced to kick in two hotel room doors before finding Cornell with “blood running from his mouth and a red exercise band around (his) neck.”

At 11:30 pm Wednesday, May 17, 2017, Bodyguard Martin Kirsten was in Cornell’s room 1136 at the MGM Grand Hotel helping him fix his computer. Kristen gave Cornell two Ativan pills “which victim takes for anxiety,” The Detroit News revealed the police report filed by the Detroit Police Gaming Unit stated.

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By 11:35 pm Cornell’s wife, Vicky Cornell, told police she spoke with him on the phone, according to the police report.

At 12:15 a.m. Vicky called Kirsten and begged him to go to her husband’s room, “to see if he is all right because he did not sound like he is okay,” the report said. She told the bodyguard Chris sounded “groggy and just kept saying, ‘I am just tired,’ and hung up the phone,” according to the report.

Kirsten was in a room two doors down and he tried to open the door with a key but the security latch was on. “(Kirsten) called security from hotel phone in hallway … stating he needs to get into (the) room to check on (the) victim,” the report stated.

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“Security stated they can not let him into the room because he is not registered to that room,” the police report continued. “At this time (Kirsten) kicked in the door with his feet and … went to the bedroom door and (the) latch had been engaged on this door also. “(Kirsten) again called for security but could not gain access to (the) room.”

“At this time (Kirsten) kicked in (the) bedroom door and found victim laying on the bathroom floor.”

The report stated Kirsten found Cornell slumped on the floor “with blood running from his mouth and a red exercise band around (his) neck.”

At 12:56, MGM medic Dawn Jones arrived to the room. “Jones untied the red exercise band from (the) victim’s neck and began CPR on (Cornell, who) was not breathing,” the report said.

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By 1:00 am, EMS Unit 42 was at the scene. The report stated an EMT unsuccessfully performed CPR on Chris.

At 1:30 am “Victim was pronounced dead (by

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