Another Fox News firing; Will someone please get a clue?

Another week, another Fox News firing.

The cable network announced on Friday that it has dismissed Bob Beckel for “making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee.”

Someday, you would like to believe that everyone will get a clue about basic workplace — and overall social — behavior. We are no longer living in the “Mad Men” era.

This is the second time Fox News has terminated Beckel, who was the co-host of its primetime program, “The Five.”

It is not known yet what Beckel exactly said, but TheWrap reported that Fox News’ human resources department learned of the incident on Tuesday evening.

After a “thorough” 48-hour investigation, network officials determined Beckel had to go immediately, an unnamed source told TheWrap.

Beckel joined Fox News in 2000 after a long career in politics that included a role as the campaign manager for 1984 Democratic presidential candidate Walter Mondale. In 2011, he joined “The Five” when it was an afternoon show. But left the network in 2015 while recuperating from back surgery, a period in which he became addicted to painkillers and entered a rehab program. Several months later, he was let go.

He returned to the show in January of this year after a stint at CNN.

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