Why You Need To Give Girlboss “Garbage Person” Sophia A Chance

Girlboss is here and the new Netflix series is getting as much scrutiny as the Girlboss it’s inspired by, controversial Nasty Gal creator Sophia Amoruso. Our fictional Sophia (Britt Robertson) has already been called “cartoonishly brash,” “a classic asshole genius,” and a “manic-pixie-jackass.” All of this is true. But, if you stick around through all of season 1’s 13 episodes, you’ll realize there’s a lot more going on underneath all that bluster and vintage clothing.

When we first meet Sophia in Girlboss, she’s simply a caricature of everything we’re told is wrong with millennials, and then some. She’s self-obsessed, always late, and has a crippling case of Peter Pan Syndrome. On top of all of that, she also steals, has a misplaced sense of superiority, and is rude in ways that hint she’s never spoken to another human being.

Then, episode 4, “Ladyshopper99,” happens. This is the moment we see Sophia go from a sketch of countless awful qualities held together by rocker-chic duds, to a deeply sad young woman with a real history. A big part of that is thanks to a dinner conversation between Sophia, her artist friend Nathan (Cole Escola), and his mom (Nicole Sullivan). Nathan and his mom couldn’t have a closer relationship, which finally gets Sophia to open up about her own family, which includes an MIA mother and a (sometimes understandably) critical dad.

“My mom is not around, which is, you know,” she explains, starting to get a far-off look in her eyes. “I have this eBay thing, which I think is pretty cool. But, I know that [my dad] would just find a way to make it seem like I was doing it all wrong. I’m not even gonna mention it to him until I can buy…really everything that Barbie …read more

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