Watch William and Harry Talk to Kate About Losing Their Mom: ‘We Are Uniquely Bonded’

The royals have a message: It’s okay to speak up.

Prince William, Princess Kate and Prince Harry sat down for an honest conversation about mental health in a video for their Heads Together campaign, encouraging everyone to speak openly about the personal issues they may face.

“A young mother actually said that to me … she said actually, ‘just talking to somebody. Having those conversations’ is like medicine for her,” Kate says in the clip. “That is the point, is that actually it’s okay to have that conversation, even if it is uncomfortable or awkward.”

The footage is part of the Heads Together campaign’s “#OktoSay” series, in which the royals address the positive effects of opening up about emotional changes. The organization aims to combat the stigma around mental health and Will, Kate and Harry have each opened up over the past week about the issues they face.

Kate then asked Will and Harry whether working on the campaign has made them think about the ways in which they coped with their mother’s death as young teenagers.

“We have been brought closer as a result of the circumstances as well,” said Prince William. “You are uniquely bonded because of …read more


Source:: USA Culture News

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