‘The Promise’ review: Oscar Isaac fights for survival

A new film takes on an old, and horrible human catastrophe

Never forget, goes the anguished cry, but this time the wrong people remembered.

They were the German officers helping their Turkish allies during WWI. The Germans who stood there and watched as the Turks rounded up their nation’s Armenian minority, took their possessions, and loaded them onto boxcars or marched them into the desert for “relocation.”

Those loyal subjects of the Kaiser were being given a lesson in genocide. And they learned.

It is a human catastrophe that hasn’t often been addressed on screen, but finally gets its own, old-school drama in the international film “The Promise” – with Oscar Isaac as an Armenian medical student, Christian Bale as an American journalist and Charlotte le Bon as the women who both divides and unites them.

It’s a story that deserves a true epic – the kind of sweeping movie David Lean once turned out. (A particularly apt comparison, as the events of “The Promise” unfold parallel to those laid out in “Lawrence of Arabia.”) Unfortunately, it doesn’t get that here. A bit rushed and shortchanged, it’s the rare film that could have used another hour.

But it does have some fine performances, and several huge emotional moments.

Directed by Terry George – a filmmaker who’s taken on the subject of religious prejudice and orchestrated genocide before – the film begins in rural Turkey, where Oscar Isaac is Michael, a young Armenian pledged to marry a rich girl. It’s clear he doesn’t particularly adore her, but knows her dowry will help him pursue his dreams of a medical career.

It’s a refreshingly frank start to a story – whether or not Michael has made this deal solely to help his people and provide for his elderly parents (as he insists) it also makes it clear …read more

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