Saoirse Ronan pranked Ed Sheeran into getting a misspelled tattoo



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Ed Sheeran likes himself a tattoo. At least the photo above is artistic in its black-and-white composition, because in full color, he looks like a melting box of crayons. You can check out what I mean here (along with what some of his 60+ tattoos mean, in case you are interested).

And like Sheeran’s love of technicolored body art, I love a good prank, as does, it seems, actress Saoirse Ronan. Sheeran hired Saoirse to appear in the titular role for his Galway Girl music video. During the video (which has not been released yet so this is part assumption) Saoirse’s Galway Girl writes her name on his arm and he has it made into a tattoo. Only there was a hitch, Saoirse wrote something different and the tattooing was real, thus permanent. Sheeran told the story during one of his concerts:

ed got a galway girl tattoo and it actually says ‘galway grill’ )

— amy ÷ (@leg0_h0use) April 16, 2017

What Ed explains in the video above is:

“When we were filming it I meant to get a tattoo of her handwriting saying “Galway Girl” and it’s kind of point of view and I get the tattoo. It actually says Galway Grill. Like full on, full on she really took the piss out of me with this one. It actually says Galway Grill. G-r-i-l-l. I thought I’d tell you that — I haven’t told anyone that yet. I’m actually kind of proud of her. It’s the kind of thing that I would do.”

$10 bucks said his mom’s first response was, “well, it’ll serve as a reminder to check your work from here on out.” As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t have any tattoos but I have no issue with them – I simply change my mind too much for anything permanent. So my cackling over this is a reflection of my feelings about Sheeran, not tattoos. Putting my overall sense of “meh” for Sheeran aside, he does seem to have a good sense of humor and that applies to himself. I’m glad he is embracing this. I cannot tell you how much this feeds into my Saoirse love. She’s one of those people that I don’t need a reason to like more, but every time I read about her, I find a new one.

Of the tattoos I would consider, something written is in the top three. A misspelled tattoo would tap into my Type A personality issues so hard, I’d probably claw it off rather than be forced to feel it there for the rest of my life. However, a properly spelled dupe would make me happier than I could describe. I’d welcome people asking me the significance of the Galway Grill in my life. So I applaud Sheeran seeing the beauty in this because it really is brilliant. Doesn’t Galway Grill sound like a franchise of faux-pubs

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