Kim Kardashian is selling veladora candles with herself as the Virgin Mary

Kim Kardashian, Cher and Kourtney Kardashian at The Promise Premiere in LA

From what I remember, Kim Kardashian was the first – ?? – major celebrity to offer personalized emojis. When I say “offer,” I mean buy. You could buy Kim’s Kimojis for a reasonable price, and that’s what millions of people did. Kim literally made millions of dollars off her Kimojis, and not only that, she started a trend. Many celebrities offer personalized emoji packages now. Some of the Kimojis are actually really cute and funny – I especially enjoy the Cryface Kimoji, which is a spectacular piece of self-aware branding. The Kimojis took off, and now Kim offers actual products branded with the Kimojis on her online store.

So, Kim offered some special Kimoji products in honor of 4/20 yesterday. The idea was supposed to be pot-themed Kimojis and products, but then something happened. Kim posted this:

— Kim Kardashian West (@KimKardashian) April 20, 2017

You can see the product being sold here. It’s an $18 veladora, a candle used for spiritual purposes amongst Catholics, specifically Mexican and Latin-American Catholics. The candles usually have the images of the Virgin Mary, Jesus or various saints …read more

Source:: Cele|bitchy

Source:: USA Culture News

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