Ivanka Trump claims she will not promote or profit from her upcoming book

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I haven’t discussed Ivanka Trump all week, it feels like. There was the depressing story about how China gave Ivanka’s product line its trademark grants, which basically means that Ivanka can sell all of her sh-t in China now. China gave Ivanka the trademark grants right after she met with the Chinese president at Mar-a-Lago, because that’s not suspicious at all. But Ivanka wants you to know that she’s TRYING to be an ethical person, whatever “ethical” means. I would imagine Ivanka doesn’t know the definition of “ethics,” much like she has no idea what “complicit” means.

Ivanka has a book coming out called Women Who Work: Rewriting the Rules for Success. She got this book deal a while back, before she became America’s Complicit and Unethical Princess and the Most Precious Presidential Adviser Ever. And now in an effort to at least have the appearance of ethical behavior, Ivanka wants us to know that she’s not going to promote the book while she’s working for her father, nor will she profit from the book’s sales. The profits will be donated to… her own charitable fund, and then that fund will donate to a worthy cause. She explained it all in a Facebook post:

Empowering women has been central to my mission throughout my career, and with my book, Women Who Work, I hope to do just that. The book equips readers with the best advice, tips and skills I’ve learned over the years from many incredible people, on subjects including identifying opportunities, leading teams, starting companies, managing work and family, and building cultures where multidimensional women can thrive—now and in the future.

Like many other professional women, I have juggled the demands that come with growing my family and building my businesses, and I realize that I am more fortunate than most. In order to extend the reach of those who will benefit from this book, I have established the Ivanka M. Trump Charitable Fund to receive the unpaid portion of my advance and future royalties received from Women Who Work and to make grants to charitable organizations that support the economic empowerment for women and girls.

In the first wave of giving, the Fund will make grants of $100,000 each to the The National Urban League and Boys & Girls Clubs of America, two innovative, forward-thinking organizations that have made it a priority to promote entrepreneurship and educational opportunities for women and girls in underserved communities. With my grant to the National Urban League, the organization will launch a new Women’s Initiative as part of its signature Entrepreneurship Center Program, which currently operates at 13 locations across the country. The Women’s Initiative will focus on giving women the mentorship and tools they need to start and grow successful businesses and achieve economic self-sufficiency.

The grant to Boys & Girls Clubs of America will go toward the organization’s national Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)

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