This Plus-Size Retailer Is Being Criticized For Its Campaign Casting

Pretty much one of the only good things about 2017 so far (other than the many protests — have I mentioned the protests enough yet?) has been the slow but steady mainstreaming of plus-size fashion. Finally. Nike is on board, Wrangler and ModCloth are doing a cool collab in sizes XS through 4X, and just look at how hot our own Laura Delarato looks in these guerrilla billboards.

And yet. We still have so, so far to go. For example, this lingerie store ‘s management company told the store owners to take down their ads featuring plus-size models and those with disabilities. And what on earth do we have to do to get plus-size fashion some attention in design schools? Now, the latest “plus-size” conundrum comes courtesy of fashion brand Simply Be and its beautiful, impeccably art-directed, desert-chic “We Are Curves” ad campaign featuring gorgeous “plus-size” models…who happen to hover around a U.S. size 10 or so.

Ay, there’s the rub. Because while the models are lovely and do indeed have curves (perfect yet un-intimidating hourglass curves at that), they visually represent only a small — in more ways than one …read more

Source:: Refinery29

Source:: USA Culture News

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