Secret Spain: 7 Passionate Destinations Off The Beaten Track


For centuries, travellers have been drawn to Spain for its breathtaking landscapes, spellbinding architecture, rich history and vibrant culture. No matter where you find yourself in Spain, every corner shimmers and pulsates with inspiration. It’s a place where you can define your own passion and live out an experience you’ve always been compelled to live.

What part of the country do you want to indulge yourself in? Barcelona? Madrid? Well, what about digging a little deeper into Spanish cities that may not hog the headlines — but instead offer equal charm with a more affordable price tag, fewer crowds and a wealth of untapped opportunities. To help you explore the stunning beauty and dazzling variety of Spain, we have tapped into our Passion Search function to help unearth seven Spanish gems where you can enjoy your own unique interests.

Santiago de Compostela & Gourmet Food

They say that seeing is believing – but here, tasting is believing! Santiago de Compostela is a real foodie’s paradise. The final stop of the Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage Route awaits you with the table already set with local favourites. And what a table it is! Clams in a red pepper sauce, Padrón green peppers served with coarse salt flakes and of course the jewel in Galicia’s gastronomical crown, pulpo a la gallega (juicy octopus served with sweet or spicy paprika). Tuck in! Eat, pray and love in Santiago’s charming Old Town.

Ronda & Romance

Ronda and romance are a match made in heaven. Perched atop age-cragged cliffs, cloven in two by the mighty El Tajo canyon, this antique city offers vistas that’ll leave you and your beau awe-struck. Stroll hand-in-hand along the Puente Nuevo Bridge, gazing down as the gorgeous gorge falls away beneath your feet, and unlock mediaeval Moorish mysteries in the Palacio del Rey Moro. This Andalusian gem is sure to set your heart aflutter. It is easy to fall in love in Ronda!

Girona & History

Romanesque and Gothic buildings, Arab Baths, a Jewish Quarter, not to mention various filming locations for Game of Thrones, Girona is a little city with a big legacy. Strolling through Girona’s city centre is like wandering back in time. Its medieval streets offer up Catalan cultural riches at every turn. Don’t miss its historical cathedral, churches, cobbled alleyways, museums, galleries every nook and cranny has a story to tell. Girona shines like a crown jewel – come and claim it for yourself.

Logroño & Wine Tasting

The Romans used to say, in vino veritas (in wine lies truth). One thing’s for sure, the wine in Logroño is a dream come true. Logroño’s northern climate is perfect for growing the best grapes. Head out into its gently rolling hills and seek out a winery to learn all about Rioja, the world-famous Spanish red wine. You’ll love wandering through the beautiful countryside, discovering the secrets behind the wine, and of course tasting the results! If you want to go even further on your wine odyssey,

Source:: The Huffington Post – Canada Travel

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